My Start with Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

How I found the ethical fashion industry and started my journey to a sustainable closet that I love.

Summer of 2017, sitting eating lunch after working a half day at summer school, I was looking up ways to downsize my closet. I had tried several times on my own to get rid of clothes, only to put five or so pieces in a bag and take them to Goodwill. When you have hundreds of pieces of clothes, five really isn’t much of a dent.

I found videos on Youtube that showed people who downsized their closet using the capsule method, Konmari method, and even keeping count of the pieces they own. One girl described the process she used to downsize her closet, so I decided to do the same.

I took every piece of clothing I owned and put it on the bed. Everything was off of hangers, out of drawers, and out of storage boxes. Have you ever done this? I did not expect the mountain to be so big! Over the next couple hours, I took each piece, looked at it, tried it on, and sorted it into piles. Long story short, I donated seven garbage bags of clothes! That was probably half of my closet!

What I found most interesting after that, was how little I could even remember what I had in those bags. To avoid going out to the mall and buying things just for the sake of adding more to my closet, I put myself on a no-buy challenge for a year. I broke the rules a few times to replace loved items that broke and wore out, but overall I spent that year wearing what I had.

What I discovered that I wore an even smaller portion of my clothes than I thought I did. Because of this no-buy challenge, I was able to see what clothes in my closet I really liked and fit my style.

I started following girls who had capsule wardrobes, wore ethically made brands, and really embraced thrifting. I watched The True Cost documentary, and I knew there was no going back for me.

Since then, I have slowly been building my closet around my style, and the kinds of clothes I really enjoy wearing.

Have you wanted to downsize your closet? Is the sheer number of clothes in your closet overwhelming? Are you struggling to get started? Use the guide I have created below and under the Resources tab to help you start paring down your wardrobe. Let me know how it goes! I would love to hear about your journey towards a smaller, more sustainable closet!

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