What I Like to Wear…

It’s hard to know what your style is when we are constantly bombarded by new trends and ads telling us we need the latest and greatest. Do you know what your style is? I have found mine, and maybe, I can help you find your style too!

My style has changed a lot over the years, but since paring down my closet and being more intentional with what I buy, I have found a style of clothes that I really love and fits my lifestyle.

I wear a lot of neutrals. I love clothes that all can be matched and paired together in multiple ways. I think it goes back to my days when I wore a uniform to school. Even though I didn’t love the polo shirts and khaki pants with a belt everyday, I liked not having to think too hard about what I wore each morning. Neutrals give me that freedom to “just throw something on” and still look like I put a little effort in. 

I like clothes that can be layered. Summer is my least favorite “dressing season” because I can’t layer my clothes. I love tops that provide a base for a jacket or a scarf. I like sweaters that can be layered with a duster. What makes the layering work best is that all of the colors go together already (see neutrals above). 

I like clothes that are comfortable. My button down shirts are oversized. My t-shirts are stretchy. Lots of my pants have an elastic waist unless they are jeans. I try to buy clothes that are made of natural materials. Cotton, silk, and wool are far more comfortable than polyester and rayon. I didn’t think I could afford clothes made of natural materials, but you would be surprised what you can find second-hand at consignment and  thrift stores. 

I like clothes that last. I got so tired of buying new t-shirts after they would come out warped from the wash. I learned I would rather spend $20 on a t-shirt that keeps its shape after washing rather than buying a new $5 shirt several times pers season. 

Do you know what clothes you like? Do you know what your style is? If you want some help with that, go on over to the Resources tab and use my “Personal Style Workbook”. I hope it helps you find out what you like wearing so that you can build a sustainable closet that best fits you and your style!

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