The vison, purpose, and creation of Allie Koch’s Closet.

Hello, friends! I am so glad you found me here! As my first blog post on my new website (self-built so don’t judge), I wanted to talk about my vision and purpose for this website.

I have experienced feeling lost in finding my style and the kinds of clothes I actually like wearing. I spent years shopping often and always on the hunt for the next piece of clothing that will make me happy with my clothes. I would spend hours at the mall shopping at least once a month looking for something to “freshen up” my closet. I would bring bags home, wear the new clothes for a while, and be stuck right where I began again after a couple weeks.

The problem was that I didn’t know what my true style was, and I was buying pieces that were poorly made, cheap, and meant to be thrown away after one season. The cute top I loved in the store would hang forever in my closet after it got distorted in the wash. I had clothes in all different colors, styles, shapes, brands, sizes, and pretty much no basic pieces.

Long story short (a story for another time), in the summer of 2017, I learned about the ethical and sustainable fashion community. I was thrilled when I learned how to downsize my closet, identify the colors and shapes I liked, and make a plan for keeping my closet smaller and easier to wear.

I want to help others do this too. So many friends have asked my to help them downsize their closet, refer them to high quality, sustainable brands, and find clothes that fit them best. My purpose is to do just that on this website.

My vision is to help others find their personal style and create a sustainable closet that they will wear and enjoy for years to come.

I hope you find this site helpful and useful. Enjoy the resources I have created and collected for you. If you enjoy reading about style, fashion, ethical and sustainable wardrobes and brands, go ahead and sign up for email alerts! I would love to stay in contact with you!

Always remember, the most ethical and sustainable closet you can have is the one that is already in your closet. I will help you learn to use and enjoy what you have already to fit your style.

Thanks for reading,


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