May 30X30 Challenge

During this time while we ‘shelter in place’, it can be hard to find things to look forward to. I have been looking forward to doing my first 30X30 challenge!

This challenge, hosted by @petraalexandra and @jazzyhwang is starting tomorrow, May 1, 2020. The challenge is to choose 30 pieces from your wardrobe and to wear only those pieces for the next 30 days.

I have done 10X10 challenges in the past and have really enjoyed them. I’ve been told that 30X30 challenges are easier, but I still had just as hard a time choosing my pieces!

Since we are heading into May, I found choosing my 30 pieces a little difficult. You never know what kind of weather you will have in May in Illinois! So, I tried to choose a variety of pieces that all work together and can be layered.

My picks for the May 30X30 challenge this year!

Just listing the pieces I decided to include would be boring, so I thought I would put them in categories. I made a conscious choice to choose pieces that were a mix of ethically made, second-hand, hand-made, old fast-fashion, and semi-recent impulse purchases.

Ethically made: All of the shoes are from ethical and sustainable brands, except for the running shoes. Veja, FashionABLE, Birkenstock, and Nisolo are all great ethical and sustainable brands! The running shoes are Adidas, and while they are not considered an ethically made brand, they are the only sport shoe brand rated as ‘Good’ in the Good on You App!

Both the black windbreaker and the grey pull over are Patagonia, and the black leggings are Athleta. The purse is also from FashionABLE. The black striped tee is Everlane. The black lounge pants are PACT.

I would also include my Eileen Fisher linen pants and jumpsuit in with the ethically made pieces, but I also got them second-hand.

Second-hand: Like I said, the linen pants and jumpsuit are second-hand. I got them off of Poshmark recently. The denim jacket is vintage Guess. The long-sleeve button down shirts, short sleeve button down shirt, the knit tank, polka-dot tank, and denim shorts are all second-hand from thrift stores.

Hand-made: I made the rust sweater, and just changed out the buttons today!

Old fast-fashion: The chambray chinos, black wrap dress, white, rust, and black t-shirts have all been here for a while. The black and white long sleeve tops have also been in my closet for a bit.

Recent impulse buys: I almost decided not to make this a category, but it’s important to include. Nobody’s perfect.

The green shirt dress, and black “cargo” pants were recent purchases this winter when I needed a pair of new work pants. I’ll admit I didn’t need the dress, but I bought it anyways and I am going to get my 30 wears out of it (at least…it’s an amazing dress!).

I don’t list all of these items to advertise any brands. I just didn’t want people to look at my wardrobe and think that my closet just magically looks this way. I’ve spent the last three years curating my closet and choosing lasting pieces that I love. I want people to know that you can find pieces you love in many different ways! Start with what’s already in your closet! Continue wearing old fast-fashion pieces. Look for ‘wish list’ items second-hand, or save for them and get them from an ethical brand. Try making something for your closet. And lastly, don’t beat yourself up if you give in to an impulse buy. We are all human, and we’re just trying our best.

Have you participated in any challenges like the 30X30? These challenges are great opportunities to practice mixing items in your closet and wear things that maybe you have forgotten about.

I hope you follow along as I post my outfits on Instagram! I will be writing a May 30X30 recap post at the end of the challenge to review how it went!

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