How I found my wish list pieces secondhand

I have heard so many times throughout my life that thrift shops only have the ugly, outdated, and worn out clothes that no one wants anymore. While sometimes this can be true, I have found quite the opposite!

Its true. Thrift stores are the first place that people think to drop off their old clothes they don’t want anymore. Thrift stores get SO MUCH clothing, that people who work there don’t hang up and sell everything that comes through their donation center. The people who are sorting end up choosing and pricing only the pieces that they think are re-sellable. For example, you won’t find the thousands of high school, club, and sports t-shirts hung up with a price tag on them. What this means is the thrift stores and secondhand stores only pick things that are worth selling.

Because of this, I have made it a priority to use secondhand and thrift stores my first stop when I am searching for something on my wish list. Even though the process of finding each piece takes more time, I have found it well worth my time, and gotten more for my dollar.

I want to share with you some of the pieces that I have found secondhand that were on my wish list for a long time.

1- My oversized denim jacket:

I saw the oversized denim jacket trend on Instagram. I loved the idea of having the kind of jacket that can be layered to transition into each season. I saw a lot of really nice jackets online from ethical brands like FashionABLE and Everlane, but I did not have the budget to buy one new. I set out to thrift one. I have a few consignment stores and thrift stores that I search when I am on the hunt. After going back to this same thrift store several times, I finally happened upon it at Salvation Army! I looked up some of the tags and details for the jacket and found that it is most likely from the late 80s or early 90s. I love the unique details it has like the rounded pocket flaps on the chest, and the big pockets that are actually functional! (So many women’s denim jackets don’t even have pockets!)

2- My oversized white button down

You would not believe how many white button down shirts and blouses are at thrift stores! If one is on your wish list, go try on as many different styles as you want! I found this one at Salvation Army a few years ago and it is my favorite go-to shirt. I layer it over tanks, under sweaters and jackets, and wear it on it’s own tucked or un-tucked. I did not have to search as long for this item on my wish list, but it is still just as special to me as the ones I really had to hunt for.

3- 90s Mom jeans

So this last favorite (of many), is my 90s Mom jean. I searched far and wide for a long time in consignment and thrift stores. I tried on several pairs of jeans never to find the fit I was looking for. Once ‘shelter in place’ started, I really wanted a comfortable pair of jeans (yes, they do exist haha). I decided that since I couldn’t go thrifting as I normally would, I would check online secondhand stores. I got these jeans off of Poshmark. They are so comfy! I highly recommend looking at online secondhand platforms before buying new!

I have SO MANY favorite secondhand finds! I will continue sharing with you my favorite finds in later posts. I hope this post has inspired you to thrift shop more for your wish list items. You may find something really unique and special like my jacket!

If you don’t go thrifting often, check out my Top Tips for Thrifting post! I hope you will share the things you find with me!

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