How to get your dream closet on a budget!

Whether your style has changed, or your life style, or even if you just want a closet re-fresh, it can be pretty pricey to revamp your wardrobe. Not everyone has the budget to go shop online and buy everything on their closet wish list. Here are my tips for getting your dream closet on a budget.

1- Buy your clothes from local consignment stores

Consignment stores are a treasure trove of unique and quality pieces. They are where I have found some of my most favorite items in my closet! I have purchased cashmere sweaters, spring jackets, dresses, and jeans from consignment stores. There are so many pros for shopping consignment.

Consignment stores:

  • carry lightly used clothes, shoes, and accessories
  • are often locally owned
  • tend to carry more high end brands
  • have off season clothes at a great discount
  • have a wide selection of styles, brands, and trends
  • may allow some price negotiation (especially if you are a regular)
  • constantly have new clothes coming in
  • sometimes have clothes that are new with tags (NWT)
  • allow you to try on before you buy (can’t do that online)
  • are up on current trends
  • allow you to sell your clothes and use credit in store or give you cash!

One of my favorite things about consignment stores is that last bullet point: I can sell my own old clothes and use that credit in store! Bringing my lightly used, stylish clothes to a consignment store allows me to sustainably clear out my closet, earn money with minimal effort, and pass on my pieces to have a second life in someone else’s closet. After my pieces sell in the store, I get a cash credit or check that I can use to purchase something else I will love wearing.

I have to say, my favorite part of shopping consignment is knowing the store owners. I frequent a couple consignment stores in my local area, and I love that the store owner knows me by name when I walk in! She also has learned more about the kinds of pieces I like, and can help me find things that fit my style! Supporting and shopping local business is so important!

2- Buy your clothes secondhand online

My personal favorite online marketplace is Poshmark because the selection is so big. You can find almost anything on Poshmark from vintage clothes to items that are recently sold out online.

You can also refine your search. If you are searching for a denim jacket, you can type and refine your search to find exactly what you are looking for. You can sort by brand, color, size, gender, etc. This feature is super helpful if you don’t have the time to browse consignment or thrift stores, or if you want something to fit your specific vision.

There are SO MANY great secondhand shops online now. Some other secondhand clothes sites are The Real Real, Etsy, Lovanie, Vestiare, and thredUP.

3- Wait for the sale

This sounds so obvious- but often the urgency we feel when we want to purchase something makes us forget this simple solution for saving money. Most of the time, we don’t immediately NEED the item we are searching for. If you can wait a bit, most of the time a sale will roll around for the item you’re eyeing. As my parents always reminded me as a high schooler, there’s always going to be another sale 😉

I have not personally used them yet, but there are browser extensions that you can use to alert you when an item goes on sale. One that I have heard of is Shoptagr. This way, if you really want to buy something new online, you don’t have to constantly watch for sales yourself.

Another reason its good to wait for a sale and delay your purchase is that you may discover that you don’t really need that item anyways. I know that most of the time, when I delay a purchase, I find that that forget about it. For me, if I delay my purchase, and I’m still thinking about it a week later, I am more likely to use enjoy that piece in the long run.

In addition to all of these tips, I will add that you should always look to buy high quality pieces that will last. It can be tempting to buy cheap clothes in a rush, or purchase something quick from a fast fashion store, but those clothes are not going to be good for you in the long run. Just because something is on sale, it doesn’t mean you need it.

Look for quality, not quantity 😉

I hope you have found some inspiration for building your dream closet on a budget. Maybe you already have a favorite consignment store, or maybe this post has encouraged you to check out your local shop. Tell me how you have found dream pieces on a budget! I would love some more tips myself!

If you are looking for thrift tips, go to my Top Tips for Thrifting post!

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