Welcome to Alli E Koch’s Closet!

My name is Allison, and I am the owner and creator of The All Occasions Dress! My goal is to help women find clothes that they feel confident and comfortable in that they can wear over and over again. That is why I created The All Occasions Dress! I was inspired to create this design because I wanted something comfortable and easy, but still chic and stylish. As I made my first dress, I knew I wanted something that I can dress up or down, something that can work in all seasons, and something that can stay with me for years to come. My first dress was created with only myself in mind, but after a great response from Instagram, I decided to find a way to share my dress with everyone! You can purchase your dress on my Etsy shop by clicking the button below! I can’t wait to see how women will wear #thealloccasionsdress !

Instagram: @alliekochscloset