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The story behind the all occasions dress

In the summer of 2020, I found myself staring at my closet… again. I tend to do this a lot. When I have conflicting ideas about what I want to wear, I often sit on my bed and stare into my closet until I decide what to put on. If I am unsatisfied with my … Read More

Why I didn’t buy that cute top that was on sale!

A few weeks ago, when the shops were opening up in my hometown, I was out browsing with my friend. We both love consignment and thrift shops, so we set out to visit those first. I had some summer items on my wish list that I was looking for. A linen dress, a skirt, and … Read More

May 30X30 Recap

This was the first 30X30 capsule challege that I started and completed! I have done 10X10 challenges in the past, but none that lasted 30 days! I am really excited to share with you all of my looks, my favorite looks from the last 30 days, and what I learned about myself through the process! … Read More

How to get your dream closet on a budget!

Whether your style has changed, or your life style, or even if you just want a closet re-fresh, it can be pretty pricey to revamp your wardrobe. Not everyone has the budget to go shop online and buy everything on their closet wish list. Here are my tips for getting your dream closet on a … Read More

How I found my wish list pieces secondhand

I have heard so many times throughout my life that thrift shops only have the ugly, outdated, and worn out clothes that no one wants anymore. While sometimes this can be true, I have found quite the opposite! Its true. Thrift stores are the first place that people think to drop off their old clothes … Read More

I’ve cleaned out my closet, now what?

So you’ve been working on paring down your wardrobe and finished cleaning out your closet. Maybe you used my guide for paring down your closet and have a lot of clothes in your ‘get rid of’ pile. What do you do with all of those items? I went through this myself. The first time I … Read More

May 30X30 Challenge

During this time while we ‘shelter in place’, it can be hard to find things to look forward to. I have been looking forward to doing my first 30X30 challenge! This challenge, hosted by @petraalexandra and @jazzyhwang is starting tomorrow, May 1, 2020. The challenge is to choose 30 pieces from your wardrobe and to … Read More

My Top Tips for Thrift Shopping

Does going thrifting for clothes leave you feeling frustrated or disappointed? Maybe you avoid it all together because it seems overwhelming? I am writing this post during the COVID-19 Stay at Home order, and I must say, I miss thrift shopping so much right now! Thrift shopping for clothes can be overwhelming for a lot … Read More

What I Like to Wear…

It’s hard to know what your style is when we are constantly bombarded by new trends and ads telling us we need the latest and greatest. Do you know what your style is? I have found mine, and maybe, I can help you find your style too! My style has changed a lot over the … Read More


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